What We Do

The project of the Ukrainian Center for Cultural Studies "Gastro Heritage of Ukraine - traditions of hospitality and cooking culture" opens to the world an extremely rich and diverse culinary history of our country, introduces unique recipes for traditional national dishes in different parts of Ukraine.

Cities and united territorial communities have a strong cultural and historical potential. Crafts, intangible heritage, traditions, cuisine, legends, palace culture, castles, memorial museums, songs are a cultural resource of communities, which in the post - industrial economy of the XXI century is a powerful base for cultural and economic development of small areas.


The project involves the creation of:

  • "Interactive gastronomic map of Ukraine"
  • The first encyclopedia "Gastro Heritage of Ukraine - traditions of hospitality and culture of cooking" in Ukrainian and English.


Gastronomic map and encyclopedia are an exclusive tourist product, which presents historical gastronomic routes, integrating folk recipes, recipes of famous personalities of Ukraine, local gastro-festivals, unique architectural sites, historical monuments, infrastructure, hotel and restaurant complexes, etc.


The mission of the project is to preserve and promote the traditions of hospitality and the culture of cooking for the discovery of Ukraine as a country with strong gastronomic potential.


Present the gastronomic Ukraine to the world!


Culture is a resource for changing the quality of life. It is a cultural resource that can create conditions for decent income, turn cities into cultural and economic clusters


The aim is to combine existing research initiatives, promote the maximum dissemination of knowledge about the traditions of hospitality and cooking culture, which have regional and historical differences, presenting the cultural diversity of Ukraine for external and domestic players in the tourism market.

Relationship with UNESCO Conventions

In 2008, Ukraine ratified the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. And in 2010 - the "Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions".

In accordance with the Orders of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine № 548 of July 27, 2015 and Order № 907 of 19.10.2018, the Ukrainian Center for Cultural Studies is defined as the organization responsible for scientific and methodological support for the implementation of the Convention in Ukraine

UCCS grounds the further development of culture on the basic principles of post-industrial economic society: when culture, cultural resources and human potential are treated as a lever of economic development of regions.

Gastro Heritage Laboratory

"Gastro Heritage Laboratory" is an educational direction of the project "Gastro Heritage of Ukraine: traditions of hospitality and cooking culture", which is aimed at training personnel who plan to engage in the integrated development of gastronomic creative clusters.

Laboratory Cases:


  • Gastronomic tourism: from idea to realization
  • Visible profile of the gastronomic cluster
  • Cultural SMM SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING of cultural and tourist projects


Training takes place in offline and online formats. 


Contact address: icultur@ukr.net